Embracing Maturity

This July was full of blogworthy events, but you didn’t hear from me because I’ve been honeymooning with my spouse!  While the little ones visited their grandparents in another state for an entire month, hubby and I took that opportunity to focus on each other (without reminding children to take their baths, clean their rooms, finish their veggies, or stop giggling and go to bed NOW!) and build our marriage.  Though we’ll enthusiastically celebrate our 10-year anniversary in a few months, it’s important for couples to regularly build in time for reflection, restoration, and rejuvenation.  You wouldn’t believe how routine can turn into a rut that wears you down!

On the eve of my children returning from their away-from-home adventures, I anticipate that they’ve grown a lot and learned many new things they’ll be eager to share.  I’m somewhat of a “helicopter parent,” so it took maturity on my part to let them go.  However, our job as parents is to train our children and prepare them to be functional and successful without us – that’s what a healthy growing up experience is all about.  My youngest child was homesick the first week, but I knew that exposure to a different environment would help her to be well-rounded (especially since she’ll transition from daycare to kindergarten over the next three weeks).  We don’t always get to choose our surroundings, so it’s good to learn how to adapt.   I know she has matured.  My oldest child seems to thrive when meeting new people, so I think he probably enjoyed not having me hovering over him; I’m learning to give him room to spread his wings (while still setting boundaries and parameters, of course!). 

They’re excited about seeing their redecorated room, and I look forward to seeing their beach-tanned faces and getting big hugs!  We all made it through summer vacation, and we have maturity to show for it.  We’ll give each other grace as we transition back into working as a unit – and with patience, we’ll get acclimated to the changes we’ve each undergone in one month.  We’re supposed to grow, develop, and mature – God didn’t call us to stay the same…in the spiritual realm or in the natural realm.  So don’t fight the situations that are causing you to stretch beyond your comfort zone!  God is maturing you for His purposes.  🙂

“But grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. To him be glory both now and for ever. Amen.”

(II Peter 3:18)

© Copyright 2010 by Kayren J. Cathcart