Keep it Moving: Purge!

As a beloved administrator in the Academic Skills Center told us as bright-eyed freshmen at the University of Richmond, “Don’t forget your fiber; you’ll need your roughage.”  We giggled, snickered, and chortled during orientation (because – as teenagers – of course we already knew everything, right?).  Yet, after substituting mom’s home-cooking for cafeteria fare and pulling late-night study sessions back-to-back with early morning classes, we became all-too-aware of our need for fiber and roughage to stay balanced and healthy.  Sure, pizza and ice cream (and all the goodies in-between) were fun and quick to eat – but when we needed substance and sustenance, we had to go back to the basics and put in the good stuff – fruits, veggies, protein, complex carbohydrates…you know the drill.

Our arteries long to be cholesterol-free.  Our colons would appreciate a rest from the incessant inflow of processed foods.  Our airways yearn for pure oxygen untainted by pollutants.  It’s no fun to be clogged, stopped up, or constipated – naturally or mentally.  Have you experienced a sluggish mind lately?  Maybe there’s a build-up of negative thoughts, unforgiveness, or bitterness that you just need to let go.  Perhaps inane bits of trivia occupy your valuable cranial space where you could have some real productivity if you cleared the mental clutter.  Whatever’s prohibiting your creativity – banish it from your personal space. 

Identify what is blocking, obstructing, congesting, jamming, choking, plugging, stifling, suffocating, strangling, gagging, or otherwise halting your process and free-flow of life, love, and creativity.  Then do something about it.

And remember: fiber is good!  🙂

 © Copyright 2009 by Kayren J. Cathcart

 “Having therefore these promises, dearly beloved, let us cleanse ourselves from all filthiness of the flesh and spirit, perfecting holiness in the fear of God.”

(II Corinthians 7:1)


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